Western Accessories

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Our gun rigs are hand made from 3-3.5mm cowhide, have 12 bullet loops (as standard), are suede lined and machine stitched, edge dyed and have either a solid brass or nickel buckle
Each rig has a 7" adjustment. Please specify your required fastening length.
ADULT GUN RIG in black or brown
• Buscadero in Black or Brown. Order Ref: GRB01
ADULT GUN RIG in black or brown
• Old West (straight belt & straight holster. Order Ref: GROW02
Holster on a straight belt in Black or Brown. Order Ref: GRC01
Includes a 1.5" straight belt made to order.
Please specify the waist size required with your order.
All our holsters are made from 3-3.5mm cowhide

Other holsters made to order, please ring to discuss your requirements. Cavalry
(plain, US, CSA)
Order Ref:
H ~ C01

Old West
in Black or Brown
Order Ref:
H ~ OW02

suede lined.